Bead Journal Project

Ce projet s'étend sur un an.

Il a été lancé par Robin Atkins, mondialement connue pour son travail de perlage depuis de nombreuses années.
Pour en savoir plus sur elle, une visite sur son site ICI.

Elle a écrit, entre autres, deux excellents livres sur le perlage créatif :
"One bead at a time" et "Heart to Hands beads embroidery" que vous pouvez lui acheter directement en cliquant ICI

Pour en savoir plus sur le BJP, clic ICI

L'aventure vous tente ? Nous recommençons pour un an en Septembre 2008 .
Les inscriptions, c'est par ici


En deux mots, l'idée est de créer tous les mois une page d'un format de notre choix, le même pour les 12 pages.

Le thème est libre, seul impératif : du perlage plus ou moins dense.

Ce "journal" est un outil de travail pour étudier son processus créatif personnel.

BJP 2008

L'aventure commencera au mois de Septembre.

Je présenterai ici une vue d'ensemble et un détail de chaque page, au fur et à mesure de l'avancement du projet. J'y ajouterai au fil du temps quelques commentaires.

J'ai opté cette fois pour un format carré de 4" x 4" (partie blanc cassé)


Juillet 2009

Juin 2009

Mai 2009


Avril 2009

Mars 2009

Février 2009

Janvier 2009

Décembre 2008

Novembre 2008

Octobre 2008

Septembre 2008


BJP 2007


J'ai choisi le format "carte postale", c'est à dire 6" x 4".

27 Mai 2007 : 99,9 % des participantes étant anglophones, cette page sera rédigée à partir d'aujourd'hui en anglais.

I've joined this project with enthusiasm because I needed something to boost me.

7 years ago, I've discovered a book which radically changed my artist's life. Perhaps some of you have read it and practiced the exercices given, I can only strongly advise it to anybody who wants to progress : "The artist way" by Julia Cameron.

Since then I've learnt to listen to myself and understood that our work is the reflect of what we are inside , i.e. : what we have learned, lived, felt, seen, listen to, our joys and our tears, our experiments and researchs ...

Now, it's time to go one step further and study more precisely how the creative process could be awaken and enriched. I thank Robin for giving me this opportunity.


June 2007

5 years had passed since I've made any heavy beading, so it was pure joy to play with threads and beads ! Below is the result, not perfect, but who told we search for perfection ?

July 2007

I've had so much fun last month that I've continued in heavy beading :-)

Background stitched all in french knots with a variegated wool.

August 2007

Heavy beading again with a large golden spiral and many little flowers.

The crystal and blue net is done in fly stitch (crystal beads) + one blue AB bead in the middle of each stitch.

Background in black wool : french knots and straight stitches.

September 2007

It appears that flowers motifs are recurrent in the previous pages, so I decided to make the twelve pages all with flowers.

I've learned recently how to insert cabochons using peyote stitch. You can see a large green glass cabochon at the bottom.

Background in french knots with a variegated wool thread, the same as July.

October 2007

To keep some unity between all the pages, the big E gold beads are in each page. I try to use the same motifs in different arrangements. Here, in blue like August page.

Net in crystal beads fly stitch. Backgroung in black wool french knots.


November 2007

As I plan to make a tryptic at the end of the BJP journey, I have decided to work in three main background colors : black (August, October) , variegated green/blue (July, September) and pink/purple (June) .

November is in pink :-)

December 2007

A green one, this month with a large cabochon.

It seems that there are more gold flowers than usually ... perhaps it is due to Christmas ...

Tiny one are made with charlotte #13 beads.

January 2008

This month is in blue with a large glass cabochon, crystal seed beads and bugles and gold E beads.
2 paisleys in light blue E-beads with filling in fly stitch crystal seed beads
Background in black french knots.

February 2008

In pink with a large glass cabochon.

March 2008

Spring is here or it could be ...
So, this month is in green

April 2008

The last pink page with a large cabochon and blue flowers.

Background in french knots and straight stitch.

May 2008

Last page of this beautiful adventure in the world of beading : blue with lots of flowers.







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